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My Search for the Perfect Embedded Comment System

Nearly 6 years ago I launched the beta for LinkPeek, a web page screenshot service. After all this time, I'm writing to share something new I've been passionately working on called Remarkbox.

I started working on Remarkbox back in 2014 to solve a problem I had after moving my Wordpress blog to a static site. I knew my readers would still want to communicate with me so I started the search for the perfect embedded comment system to promote discussion.

My research found solutions which would slow down my site, or worse, serve ads! That very day, I set out to build my own solution because -

"How long could it take to build a comment system?"  ...

3 years later, I'm finally ready to share Remarkbox: a hosted comment service that embeds in your pages to keep the conversation in the same place as your content.

Remarkbox increases user engagement because it:

  • allows a visitor to discuss your content right away without an account
  • supports Markdown with real-time comment previews
  • supports deeply nested replies and has an orderly user interface

... and the best part - fast page load speeds and absolutely NO ADS!

I'm in the process of hand selecting group of users to help me test. Would you be interested in joining a list to hear more about it?

Yes! I would like to follow the Remarkbox journey.

Remarkbox Logo

Are you looking for a Disqus alternative?

You should check out my latest project, Remarkbox. It's a comment system that works everywhere, even static sites!

Remarks: My Search for the Perfect Embedded Comment System

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