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Russell Builds Products

Russell Ballestrini admires readable and testable code and thoroughly enjoys the process of refactoring. He enjoys finding simple solutions to difficult problems and reveres the python language.

Russell works for Remind as a software engineer where he writes software to manage infrastructure running in AWS.

Russell keeps busy by turning ideas into products, spends his spare time writing open source software, and running the company that he founded called LinkPeek. He is also actively bootstrapping a comments-as-a-service offering called Remarkbox.

If you read all that, you should likely contact Russell, and fear not because he always responds in a timely manner.

Russell’s projects


Website screenshot service.


A demo of the wiki software I wrote called Pylowiki, loaded with great articles.


An embedable comment service and fully functional question and answer forum.


Live, real time, four-in-a-row game developed with python and tornado.


A Scrabble Solver, give us letters and we return the best scoring words!


A public school directory I wrote using Pyramid and mongodb.


A pastebin and code pad site I wrote using Pyramid.

© Russell Ballestrini.