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Russell Grows Products & Services

Hey there!

Finding simple solutions to difficult problems, gives me a rush.

I feel at my best when I turn ideas into products or services. I often prototype using Python and admire readable, testable code. For me, the process of refactoring brings me joy. As a strong advocate of opensource, I donate code and time when I can.

I currently work as a Software Engineer, writing software to manage infrastructure running in "the cloud", but I also have a basement full of real computers and servers.

I value Truth, Freedom, and Love. I want to find financial independence to retire myself from unvoluntary work. Once accomplished, I want to help others reach freedom from unvolntary work. As a result, right now I'm actively bootstrapping Make Post Sell, a platform for people to sell digital downloads online for as cheap as possible by using capacity engineering and optimzing for reduction in key operating costs.

You should contact me, I love conversation and often respond in a timely manner!

Russell’s projects


Communicate with your readers. We host your web page comments without ads or tracking! (pay-what-you-can)

Make Post Sell

Sell the digital things you make — commission free!

A platform for people to sell digital downloads online for as cheap as possible.


Website screenshot service.


A demo of the wiki software I wrote called Pylowiki, loaded with great articles.


A Scrabble Solver, give us letters and we return the best scoring words!


A public school directory I wrote using Pyramid and mongodb.


A pastebin and code pad site I wrote using Pyramid.

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