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Add a Breadcrumb Subscriber to a Pyramid project using 4 simple steps

Note: This post shows an old way to modify the request object. I discuss a new way in my Pyramid add_request_method post.

This article will explain how to add a breadcrumb subscriber to a Pyramid project using 4 simple steps.

While programming https://school.yohdah.com/ I needed the ability to easily create breadcrumb links from the current url. You may view the bread.py source code here. The following guide describes the process I took to add this functionality.

1. Download and include bread.py at the top of your Pyramid project's __init__.py file:

from yourproject.bread import Bread
from pyramid.events import subscriber, NewRequest

2. At the bottom of the projects __init__.py file create the following subscriber function as follows:

def bread_subscriber( event ):
    """ Build Bread object and add to request """
    event.request.bread = Bread( event.request.url )

3. Now we can add our new subscriber to our Pyramid config inside main and above the routes:

config.add_subscriber(bread_subscriber, NewRequest)

4. You are done! Now you should have the ability to use the bread object from your template. Below I have provided a mako template snippet:

% for link in request.bread.links:
  ${ link | n } /
% endfor

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Remarks: Add a Breadcrumb Subscriber to a Pyramid project using 4 simple steps

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