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Change default gateway on all SmartOS Zones and KVM guests

Today I needed to change the default gateway on every Zone and KVM guest on my SmartOS hypervisor because I switched my ISP and as a result my gateway changed from to After changing one guest I got lazy and put together this script.


for VM in `vmadm list -p -o alias,uuid`

    # create an array called VM_PARTS splitting on ':'
    IFS=':' VM_PARTS=($VM)

    # create some helper varibles for alias and uuid

    mac=`vmadm get $uuid | json nics | json -a mac`

    echo "
   \"update_nics\": [
        \"mac\": \"$mac\",
        \"gateway\": \"\"
" | vmadm update $uuid

[root@hypervisor /opt/setup-jsons/updates]# bash update-all-gateways.sh
Successfully updated VM 211b992b-a448-40b4-94c9-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Successfully updated VM 31baa6a5-aa98-4750-80df-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Successfully updated VM 65d176b4-c36d-4cbf-b6ed-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Successfully updated VM aa0f603c-9572-4cb0-b96f-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Successfully updated VM ad928301-f3e1-4fe8-a1c1-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Successfully updated VM b82a257e-5628-46db-aee4-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Successfully updated VM da72b638-51de-4d7d-9853-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Successfully updated VM ee42bf30-51ce-4ae2-915b-xxxxxxxxxxxx

You are welcome!

Also to change the global zone (head node) default gateway, edit /usbkey/config and then run the following commands:

[root@hypervisor /]# route delete default
delete net default: gateway

[root@hypervisor /]# route add default
add net default: gateway

[root@hypervisor /]# netstat -r

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