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I just used Google to purchase Chinese food takeout for two


Yes, it has been done. Using my Google Chromium browser I searched Google Maps for the closest local Chinese restaurant. The small town venue doesn't have a website or menu posted online.

So I used Google Web to search for the restaurant name. I found takeouttonight.com (no longer works) which had the entire menu and VALID prices for the restaurant hosted online! I choose 'Sweet and Sour chicken', my wife selected Chicken and Broccoli.

I then logged into my Google Gmail account and clicked Call phone. Using the mouse I dialed the number I previously researched and after 3 rings an Asian speaking fellow answered the phone.

I said, "Hello, I'd like to place a delivery order." His reply, "Ok." resonated out of my 5.1 speaker setup.

I read off our selections and was super excited that it was WORKING! In my titillated state, I ended up ordering an extra side of egg rolls just to keep the conversation going.

He asked for my phone number to complete the order. I obliged by reading my Google phone number.

Google might be spamy these days, but it's still useful.

Who would have thought a lazy hacker could combine six different Google services to order Chinese food without leaving the desk?

I know it's possible now, I've seen me do it.

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Remarks: I just used Google to purchase Chinese food takeout for two

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