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Russell Open Sources Remarkbox & MakePostSell into Public Domain!

green pixel art style Christmas tree with animated blinking lights

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, Everyone!

My wife prompts students with this fun holiday writing idea:

"If you could gift the world anything, what would it be?"

I love to read responses in the comments!

pixel art style seasonal wrapped gift

As for me, I have wonderful news, my dream gift to the world will come true this year!

For the holiday season, I AM gifting to the public domain my most essential code in hopes to trigger a positive trend of doing in 2022!

"in 2022, dream & do!"


Each project has a link to guide on how to access the source code.

Remarkbox Logo Trademark

MakePostSell Logo Trademark

In 2021, I imagined many possible paths, yet all seemed to lead to one word:


I will continue to operate the SaaS under Remarkbox and MakePostSell trademarks & operations will fall under unturf.

I will take an additional role of BDFL in regards to:

  • onboarding volunteers to maintain our common code in perpetuity
  • tie breaking

It feels vulnerable to share code without team support. Think from end & this feeling will pass.

animated gif of a pixel art style circular bomb with fuse burning down steal this image glider.png 1337 h4x0r h4ndb00k


Alice may finally read the code & find vulnerabilities, burning a hole between us crippling our communication, taking down the system.


More environments in wild, more eyes on problems, more options communicated.


The masses may fork & divide the perfect circle.


We volunteer to grow & multiply our systems, not worry about forks. We avoid focus on those who ignorantly mutilate or divide, instead focus on projects and forks which sprout, multiply, & thrive!


At a high level the unturf. stack currently consists of the following:

And of course we dogfood:

For analytics we self host our own:

If the documentation works, people should be able to use the services without understanding the fundementals of each keyword listed above.

Pull requests welcome.


The writing of this essay has unfolded liberation in me and so, I speak words in favor of Truth, Freedom, and Love.

I AM now free to Grow, Explore, Document, and Multiply!

I love you, have a great day reader!

pixel art style santa hat

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Remarks: Russell Open Sources Remarkbox & MakePostSell into Public Domain!

© Russell Ballestrini.