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Integrating OpenAI with Dry's Sample Chat Game

This tutorial demonstrates enhancing Dry's Sample Chat Game by integrating OpenAI's language models, enabling the game to provide intelligent, AI-driven responses to user queries. Dry, the successor to Urho3D, offers a comprehensive framework for developing 2D and 3D games. Leveraging LLMs within the Dry engine opens up new possibilities.

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Understanding Pause Functionality in LucKey Park Built on Dry Engine

Dive deep into the pause functionality of LucKey Park built on the Dry engine, exploring how the game's status is managed and toggled end-to-end.

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Building 'Dry' and 'Park' from Source on Fedora Linux

Learn how to compile the 'Dry' game engine and the 'Park' game from source on Fedora Linux with debugging enabled, and how to analyze core dumps for debugging.

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