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Custom Rundeck HipChat notification templates

Today I built a GUI and workflow around Ansible using Rundeck. Tonight I started diving into sending HipChat notifications and after a bit of research, I managed to create a custom notification template for each Rundeck project.

Modify your project's configuration file, on Ubuntu it was in /var/rundeck/projects/pname/etc/project.properties, and add the following line to the bottom:


Note: replace pname with your project name.

I ended up producing a single line chat notification template. I uploaded it here to act as an example:

Custom Rundeck HipChat Notification Template

The template syntax and renderer is called FreeMarker. Rundeck and the HipChat plugin pass many different context Map hash objects to FreeMarker for use in the templates. In this case I display "VPC name" selected by the user when starting the job.


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Remarks: Custom Rundeck HipChat notification templates

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