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Mailpile Salt States for Ubuntu or Debian

I wrote these Salt States to install Mailpile on an Ubuntu host. Fun fact, it took me 20 minutes to write these states and they worked the first time I ran them. Disclaimer - I used a throw away server and wasn't concerned that buckets of packages were installed to the system instead of using a virtualenv.

cd /opt/Mailpile
./mp --set sys.http_host=

Then open a web browser the IP address of the host running the mp command and follow the prompts to setup the server/client/app.


# Clone the source repository
    - name: https://github.com/pagekite/Mailpile.git
    - target: /opt/Mailpile

# install the system requirements
    - names:
      - make
      - python-imaging
      - python-lxml
      - python-jinja2
      - pep8
      - ruby-dev
      - yui-compressor
      - python-nose
      - spambayes
      - phantomjs
      - python-pip
      - python-mock
      - python-pexpect
      {% if grains['lsb_distrib_release']|float >= 14.04 %}
      - rubygems-integration
      {% else %}
      - rubygems
      {% endif %}

# install some python requirements with pip
    - names:
      - pgpdump
      - selenium >= 2.40.0
    - require:
      - pkg: mailpile-system-packages

# install some ruby requirements with gem
    - names:
      - therubyracer
      - less
    - require:
      - pkg: mailpile-system-packages

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Remarks: Mailpile Salt States for Ubuntu or Debian

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