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Migrating from WordPress to Pelican

Its finally happening. I'm moving this blog from WordPress to Pelican. This task has persisted on my TODO list for over two years.

During the process of the move, I'm going to use this post to dump hints:

WordPress XML to JSON

I wrote this tool to convert Wordpress XML dumps to JSON. The tool is opinionated and removes lots of data.


A tool to convert WordPress .xml into .rst or .md files (ReStructuredText or MarkDown) is pelican-import.

I suggest checking it out, even if you do not plan to use Pelican as your static site generator.

Add date to post filenames

After using pelican-import I had about 150 .rst files and I decided to put the date in the filename, so I wrote this short bash script tool to do the renames:

files=`ls *.rst`

for file in $files:
    the_date=`grep ':date:' "$file" | awk '{ print $2; }'`
    mv "$file" "$the_date-$file"

Alter category to tags

category and tags have different meanings and assumptions between wordpress and pelican. As a result I decided to change all my categories to tags using this command:

sed -i'' -e 's/:category:/:tags:/g' *.rst

Alter attachment and image paths

fix paths to images / uploads to remove wp-content:

sed -i'' -e 's/\/wp-content//g' *.rst

Want comments on your site?

Remarkbox — is a free SaaS comment service which embeds into your pages to keep the conversation in the same place as your contentr. It works everywhere, even static HTML sites like this one!

Remarks: Migrating from WordPress to Pelican

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