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Porting the ChaosTheory Wordpress theme to Pylowiki

As you may have noticed, I recently switched this blog over to the ChaosTheory Wordpress theme.

I had to tweak some of my pre-existing articles to make them look 'right' but upon completion I was very pleased with the aesthetics of each page.

Later on I reviewed the theme of foxhop.net, my pylowiki demo site. Pylowiki felt bland in comparison to this wordpress blog.

So, I made up my mind to build themes for Pylowik, and I started by porting ChaosTheory. You can view the finished product at https://www.foxhop.net.

You should also give Pylowiki a try. Pylowiki has futuristic, live preview, same page, section edit functionality.

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Remarks: Porting the ChaosTheory Wordpress theme to Pylowiki

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