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Hybrid Hot Water Heater Saves 69 Percent On Energy Consumption

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. See full disclosure page here.

Exactly one year ago I fufilled a longtime childhood dream when I invested in roof top solar on my house in Eastern Connecticut (Zone 6b).

Over the past 12 months, I have religiously tracked my families energy consumption using …

Fulfilling Childhood Dreams: Solar

Ever since I was an 8 year old boy I have wanted solar. I remember reading about the environment and alternative energy sources in a monthly "socal studies" flyer my school subscribed our classroom to. I questioned, even at my young age, why the world wasn't actively switching over to …

Hackathon 2013 Virtualization

As a warning before we dive into things, this post is less of a formal publication and more of a stream of conscience.

My employer newcars.com has allowed the technical staff to host hackathon! Over the past couple weeks I have had quite a few ideas tumbling around in …

High load and CPU usage craftbukkit compared to vanilla minecraft

I started researching the best ways to use salt to provision minecraft servers. I wrote a salt state formula for the vanilla minecraft server deployment. The deployment worked out great so I decided to try my luck with plugins.

In order to use plugins and mods we need to use …

miniuri parser and ago human timedelta

I just packaged and published a couple of python modules to pypi:

To install them, run:


pip install --upgrade ago miniuri

If you want to view their source code, look here:

I hope you enjoy them.

Hacker Olive Oil Lamp Crafted From Home Materials

Really fast and clean design.

Python Image Grabber pig.py

Download all the images from a URI with this simple tool!

virt-back: restoring from backups

In a perfect world we should create backups but never need them. Although this statement holds truth, creating guest backups provides many more benefits.

The most common reasons system administrators restore from a virt-back guest backup:

  • recovering from data corruption
  • recovering deleted files
  • recovering from a virus infection
  • recovering from …

The Great Gist Heist

Please listen to my story before jumping to conclusions.

Google Bot Attempts to Crawl Shortest Urls First

Porting the ChaosTheory Wordpress theme to Pylowiki

virt-back: a python libvirt backup utility for kvm xen virtualbox

backup your virtual maching guests.

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