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Securely publish Jenkins build artifacts on Salt Master

Do you want a secure setup for publishing and staging build artifacts from a Jenkins build server to a Salt Master? This guide describes my fully automated pipeline to transport binaries using Salt's encrypted "bus".

We start off with some Salt States to stand up a Jenkins build server "client":


# https://russell.ballestrini.net/securely-publish-jenkins-build-artifacts-on-salt-master/
# manage jenkins user, home dir, and Jenkins "master" public SSH key.
    - fullname: jenkins butler
    - shell: /bin/bash
    - home: /home/jenkins

    - name: /home/jenkins
    - user: jenkins
    - group: jenkins
    - require:
      - user: jenkins

    - user: jenkins
    - name: {{ pillar.get('jenkins-public-key') }}
    - require:
      - user: jenkins

# Manage a script to push artifacts to Salt Master.
# Note: jenkins user should _not_ have ability to change this file.
    - user: root
    - group: jenkins
    - mode: 755
    - contents: |
        set -x
        salt-call cp.push_dir "$PWD" glob='*.tar.gz'
        salt-call cp.push "$PWD/commit-hash.txt"
    - require:
      - file: jenkins

# Allow jenkins to run push script as root via sudo.
    - name: /etc/sudoers
    - text:
      - "jenkins    ALL = NOPASSWD: /opt/salt-call-put-artifacts-onto-salt-master.sh"

On the Salt Master we must enable MinionFS and restart Salt Master process:

  - roots
  - minion

file_recv: True

We then use this command as the last build task in every Jenkins build job:

sudo /home/jenkins/salt-call-put-artifacts-onto-salt-master.sh

This causes the file to be staged on the Salt Master on a successful build.

The Salt States to deploy the software to production, look something like this:

# extract tarball from Salt Master using MinionFS.
    - name: /www/mysite
    - archive_format: tar
    - source: salt://ubuntu-jenkins.foxhop.net/home/jenkins/workspace/job-name/env.tar.gz
    - user: uwsgi
    - group: uwsgi
    # I want to always extract, not sure a better way.
    - if_missing: /dev/taco
    - require:
      - service: make-mysite-dead-for-release

I also have build triggers which monitor remote git/hg repos for changes. Pushing code triggers a build which tests my code base and securely publishes to my Salt Master. When the time comes to perform a release, all I have to do is run highstate, because the pipeline did all the other work for me!


Special thanks to an anonymous commentor regarding how to increase security. I have updated the scripts accordingly.

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