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Working with botocore's ~/.aws/config

I ran into a bug in botocore and this post will serve to document a work around as well as show how to use botocore session object to work with the values stored in ~/.aws/config.

Pretend you have an aws config with two accounts for two separate projects, like so:


[profile project1]
account_id = 111111111111
# Optional, to define default region for this profile.

[profile project2]
account_id = 222222222222
# Optional, to define default region for this profile.

Now instead of using a single object, we create multiple objects, one for each profile we intend to use.

>>> import botocore.session
>>> session1 = botocore.session.Session(profile='project1')
>>> session2 = botocore.session.Session(profile='project2')
>>> session1.get_credentials().access_key
>>> session2.get_credentials().access_key

Also figured out how to get at the `account_id` integer:

>>> session1.get_scoped_config()['account_id']

Here is another algorithm that returns a list of sessions objects, one for each profile listed in the config.

>>> import botocore.session
>>> sessions = []
>>> aws_config = botocore.session.get_session().full_config
>>> for profile_name in aws_config['profiles']:
...     session = botocore.session.Session(profile=profile_name)
...     sessions.append(session)

Thats all for now!

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Remarks: Working with botocore's ~/.aws/config

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