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Zenoss or Nagios monitoring of HTTPS using client certificate authentication

I recently needed to monitor an HTTPS API for response time and availability. At first I planned to just use the Nagios check_http command.

After gathering more requirements I learned that the API was protected by client certificate authentication. After some research I quickly found that no solution existed to monitor HTTP protected by client certs. I needed to write my own plugin.

This is the python plugin I came up with: check_http_client_cert.py


"""Nagios/Zenoss client cert https checker"""

import httplib
from optparse import OptionParser
from time import time
from sys import exit

def request( hostname, port, cert_file, path ):
    """request a resource and return response object"""
        c = httplib.HTTPSConnection( hostname, port, cert_file=cert_file )
        c.request( "GET", path )
        return c.getresponse()
        return False

if __name__ == '__main__':
    parser = OptionParser()
    parser.add_option('-H', '--hostname', dest='hostname')
    parser.add_option('-p', '--port', dest='port')
    parser.add_option('-c', '--cert_file', dest='cert_file')
    parser.add_option('-P', '--path', dest='path',
    help="Path relative to root, like /image/search")

    o, args = parser.parse_args()
    #print o

    start = time()
    r = request( o.hostname, o.port, o.cert_file, o.path )
    elapse = time() - start

    if r:
        if r.status >= 200 and r.status < 400:
            print "HTTP OK:", r.status, r.reason, "|time=" + str(elapse) + "s;;;"
            exit( 0 )
        print "HTTP Critical:", r.status, r.reason

    exit( 2 )

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Remarks: Zenoss or Nagios monitoring of HTTPS using client certificate authentication

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